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We are a family pushed by a common vision, united by fundamental values, unconditional passion for the African land and our work along with the ability to use our experience to provide valuable services. To realize and offer a tangible contribution to travelers all over the world who choose Mopane Travel&Tours.


As tailors, we tailor your trip to let you know, discover and love Africa.

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Seasonal trip planning in Africa

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Total customization of your self drive trip

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Step-by-step trip creation tailored to your needs for group, honeymoon and self-drive trips.

Travel consultancy

Consulting activity to analize your travel project creating an effective and pleasant itinerary.

It is not a simple travel agency, but a group of passionate people

Passion for sub-equatorial Africa


Local tour operator

Attention to the customer

Remote problem solving

Support and guidance always present

Total custom trip

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“I love to travel, I adore nature, and this land has immeasurable value to me.”

Antonio Signorino Gelo

Antonio Signorino Gelo Tour Operator di Mopane Travel&Tours

Hello! I’m Antonio, or Anthony to my friends.

I was born in 1988, and ever since I took my first steps on this Earth, I have loved to travel. In fact, I’ve turned my passion for travel into a profession! I can say that I’ve centered my entire life around travel and people, constantly seeking new exciting projects and ideas that would help me in the greatest challenge: “working while having fun and understanding and satisfying the needs of my clients.” After 15 years of experience, I’ve found the right formula, and today I can create itineraries that are true and unique experiences, tailored to each client.

I have various passions, including photography, in addition to travel. Over the course of my career, I’ve gained solid experience as a tour guide, as well as direct and in-depth knowledge of destinations such as the United States, the Indian Ocean, Oman & the United Arab Emirates, and of course, South Africa & Namibia.

Today, I can proudly say that I am very happy to have built this company with Maria Chiara and to have the support of a trusted and qualified team, which is like family to me!

I always say to our #explorers: “discover your dreams, follow your heart’s desire.”

“One life, live it!”

Maria Chiara Sapienza

Maria Chiara Sapienza Tour Operator di Mopane Travel&Tours

Hi, I’m Maria Chiara!

Always a lover of nature and animals, I dreamed of Africa since I was a child.

For many years, going to Africa was my secret dream, until, in 2007, I decided it was time to follow that call, to go and find out what was so magical and special there, and I went to Kenya.

I can’t say it was love at first sight… it was rather a confirmation, because I already loved Africa, I had always loved it, even before knowing it. I made two years go by since that first trip, which had already profoundly changed me and irremediably caused me to contract what I call an “incurable disease”, i.e. the sickness of Africa.

In 2009 I chose Namibia as my destination and there I understood that this was not just a “road trip”, it had become “my” road. Since that moment, I have never stopped going, or perhaps I should say returning, to where I feel at home.

I really don’t know how Africa has cast its spell on me, I only know that it is an indissoluble bond, a need of the soul but also physical: when I’m far from it what I miss most are the great outdoors , those boundless horizons that make me feel free, the skies carpeted with stars and the silence of the desert that leaves room only for the voice of the soul and that made me rediscover, indeed, find myself.

Africa has also been my muse for photography, which has become my greatest passion through which I try to capture moments of authentic wonder.

After more than 10 years of personal travels in Southern Africa, I decided to make it my life and radically change what had been up to that moment, making my experience and the great love I have for this land also available of others, to make possible the dream of those who, like me as a child, see it as a distant and unreachable land, to be dreamed of only.

What was an aspiration has become an important professional project that has come true thanks to the meeting with Antonio and the establishment of Mopane Travel&Tours in Namibia, which I could define as the daughter of a great professional expert in the travel sector and a romantic dreamer .

Since then, the dream and the adventure have continued…

“Love Africa, live it”


Antonio Sgalambro Tour Operator di Mopane Travel&Tours

Hello, I’m Antonio, but my friends call me Tony.

I recently joined the team consisting of Maria Chiara and Antonio. How did I end up here…? Thanks to a class dinner… talking with Maria Chiara, she managed to convey her passion for Africa, which she had turned into a profession.

Coming from very different backgrounds, this choice was truly difficult, precisely because it was a personal challenge.

Now, I happily belong to a team that combines professionalism, passion, and friendship.

I hope to accompany you in discovering “your Africa.”

My motto? “Love Africa, drive it!”


We want to make sub-equatorial Africa a destination accessible to all

Our mission is to bring this wonderful land, Africa, closer to those who see this destination as a secret dream, not so easily affordable.

All our efforts, our passion and our work want to convey to tourists how close Africa is to us.

A destination that can sometimes be seen as complex, unaffordable and reachable with a lot of effort, even economic, is instead so easy to visit!

Africa has now become accessible to all intents and purposes, thanks to the continuous development of infrastructures, means and tools that were not present until years ago.

It is no coincidence that people of all ages, engaged couples and single travelers choose Africa as a tourist destination every year.

We sincerely hope to leave a contribution to promote a land that is apparently as complex as it is wonderful.

As we have already done with +450 travellers

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