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Viaggi e Safari self drive in Africa

Adventure, Autonomy, Time.

Self drive tours in Africa and South Africa totally tailored to your needs to discover breathtaking roads and scenery in complete autonomy, safety and ease.

Sharing, Time, Experience.​

Group tours to share the emotions of a tour in Africa with people who love to enjoy the unique beauties of the African territory, following a defined and tailor-made travel program for the group.

Viaggi Organizzati di gruppo in Africa
Viaggi e Safari Self Drive Guidati in Africa

Serenity, Adventure, Autonomy.​

Self drive guided tours are a travel formula that allows you to experience the adventure independently by driving between sandy and modern roads, with the peace of mind of having a guide always available.

Viaggi e Safari in Africa per Luna di Miele

Love, Adventure, Serenity.

Honeymoons in Africa to celebrate love in the name of an experience that combines adventure, beauty and contact with rare animal species.

Viaggi e Safari in Africa per Luna di Miele

Mopane Travel&Tours.
The team imagines and builds your adventures

Antonio Signorino Gelo Tour Operator di Mopane Travel&Tours
Antonio Signorino Gelo
Antonio Signorino Gelo

Hello! I’m Antonio, or Anthony to my friends.

I was born in 1988, and ever since I took my first steps on this Earth, I have loved to travel. In fact, I’ve turned my passion for travel into a profession! I can say that I’ve centered my entire life around travel and people, constantly seeking new exciting projects and ideas that would help me in the greatest challenge: “working while having fun and understanding and satisfying the needs of my clients.” After 15 years of experience, I’ve found the right formula, and today I can create itineraries that are true and unique experiences, tailored to each client.

I have various passions, including photography, in addition to travel. Over the course of my career, I’ve gained solid experience as a tour guide, as well as direct and in-depth knowledge of destinations such as the United States, the Indian Ocean, Oman & the United Arab Emirates, and of course, South Africa & Namibia.

Today, I can proudly say that I am very happy to have built this company with Maria Chiara and to have the support of a trusted and qualified team, which is like family to me!

I always say to our #explorers: “discover your dreams, follow your heart’s desire.”

Maria Chiara Sapienza Tour Operator di Mopane Travel&Tours
Maria Chiara Sapienza
Maria Chiara Sapienza

Hi, I’m Maria Chiara!
She has always been a lover of nature and animals. I dreamed of Africa since I was a child.

For many years, going to Africa was my secret dream, until I decided to follow that call and go and find out what was so magical and special there. Although I loved Africa even before knowing it, it was love at first sight. For more than 15 years now I have been spending months of my life in Namibia, my second home.

Africa has also been my muse for photography, which has become my greatest passion through which I try to capture moments of authentic wonder.

I have combined the love for the territory with the passion for photography to change my life and make possible the dream of those who see Africa as a distant and unreachable land.

Antonio Sgalambro Tour Operator di Mopane Travel&Tours
Antonio Sgalambro
Antonio Sgalambro

Hello, I’m Antonio, but my friends call me Tony.

I recently joined the team consisting of Maria Chiara and Antonio. How did I end up here…? Thanks to a class dinner… talking with Maria Chiara, she managed to convey her passion for Africa, which she had turned into a profession.

Coming from very different backgrounds, this choice was truly difficult, precisely because it was a personal challenge.

Now, I happily belong to a team that combines professionalism, passion, and friendship.

I hope to accompany you in discovering “your Africa.”

My motto? “Love Africa, drive it!”


We are the travel tailors of trave

We build the tailor-made tour,
to create a unique and inimitable experience.

You can live unique experiences based on your needs and the desires you want to achieve.

Discover the method of Mopane Travel & Tours.

We listen and understand your travel needs, wishes and expectations through online meetings and video conferencing.

We study with you, step by step, the itinerary of your trip by identifying places and activities that our experience in the field allows us to offer you.

We create a travel proposal with a complete travel program that combines your wishes with our indications to create a 360-degree enjoyable experience.

I prefer to take a look at the trips already planned

"Experiences to remember always created by a passionate, competent and professional team"

Sofia Roveda


We met Chiara purely by chance on the recommendation of a friend who had traveled with her. From the beginning she seemed extremely helpful and in love …

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Elisa Montanari


Maria Chiara as well as being a very competent, sensitive and prepared person has a sincere passion for Africa, for culture and wild nature.

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Giancarlo Fazio


The beautiful things in life, many times, arise from chance, one of these is friendship! I met Chiara during the preparation of my trip to Africa in 2019…

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Mariam Marconato


Highly recommended for those who are thirsty for new adventures and kilometers under the wheels! I was lucky enough to meet Maria Chiara during the courses to become safari guides…

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Dania Gasti


We met Maria Chiara of Mopane Travel Tours thanks to a couple of friends who traveled with her to Namibia and South Africa….


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Susy Spinuso


Absolutely the best! Not only does he find you the best opportunities but he understands well what each person wants, leaving nothing out…


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